Rider Horsemanship - Caroline Rider
Equine Affaire
November 12–15, 2015
Eastern States Exposition
W. Springfield, MA

I am thrilled to announce that I am a featured presenter at this year's MA Equine Affaire!

Please join all of us as we present exciting topics and demonstrations. I will be presenting with 3 of my horses, including Sundance and Smokey and my new 18hh 6 yr old Friesian - Zor!

My topics will range from "Pleasure Dressage" - where classical dressage meets bit-less and bareback; "Developing Self Carriage Naturally"; "Spirituality of Horsemanship"; "Problem-solving Strategies" and so much more!

I will also be promoting my new DVD Bundle Series on Problem Solving and my Tao of Horsemanship Online Course!

See you there!
Warmly, Caroline Rider

Welcome to Rider Horsemanship®

An Intuitive, Heart-felt and Clear Approach to Horsemanship

Learn to connect and communicate deeply with horses while developing and nurturing both the relationship and partnership you share together.

Rider Horsemanship, Inc. is a full-service, multi disciplinary horsemanship facility. Our methodology to horsemanship is multi-faceted, applicable and beneficial for all types of horses and riders, disciplines and breeds. Caroline Rider is owner and senior instructor and trainer. Her experience encompasses a life-time of riding, learning, teaching and horsemanship. Caroline's knowledge has shaped her craft as a clinician, equine behavioral specialist, Intuitive Horsemanship Practitioner®, motivational speaker and educator and Total Immersion Coach®.

Our training begins with a series of ground exercises designed to shape and nurture both relationship and partnership shared between horse and rider. Ground work includes liberty and online, line work. Our riding program includes freestyle, collection, bareback and balanced seat and bridleless.

We specialize in a wide array of learning and training opportunities, ranging from ground and riding, training and instruction: Intuitive & Grounded Horsemanship - Equine Psychology & Behavior - Evaluations & Assessments - Ground Manners - L iberty - Online & Long Line - Foundation Training - Starting Young Horse Training & Programs - Re-Starting & Reshaping Horse Programs - Maintenance Programs - Performance and Fine-tuning - Equitation & Balanced Riding - Riding as One - Freestyle Riding - Collection - Bridle-less & Bareback Riding - Western Dressage - Classical Dressage - Reining - Pleasure and Trail Riding - Trail and Agility Course Training - Consultation & Sales - Leasing - Private & Group Instruction - Lesson Program - Clinics - Internships

Come join us as we embark on this incredible
horsemanship journey – together!

Tao of Horsemanship DVD Training Series
A mindful approach to creating oneness,
partnership & harmony between you
and your horse.

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Discovering the Spirituality of Horsemanship through Feel, Intention and Energy Awareness; Part I: Deepening Awareness of Relationship Between Horse and Human through Mind, Body and Soul Exercises

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